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Nas Gas 12 Liters SEM 120 Fast Electric Geyser

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This water heater boasts a maximum power rating of 1500 watts, making it capable of efficiently heating water for various household needs. Operating at 220 volts AC, it ensures a reliable and consistent performance. With a working pressure of 0.8 MPa, it can handle water supply conditions commonly found in homes. The dry heating protection feature triggers at 85°C, preventing any damage caused by overheating in case of low water levels. With a water capacity of 12 liters per minute, it delivers a steady and ample flow of hot water. Safety features include earthing protection to prevent electrical accidents, a plastic body for durability and corrosion resistance, and a safety valve set to 0.8 MPa to release excess pressure. The over-heating protection further enhances safety, providing peace of mind while using this efficient and reliable water heater.


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  • Features:

  • Maximum power =1500watt
  • Voltage =220v~
  • Working pressure = 0.8Mpa
  • Dry heating protection=85°c
  • Water capacity 12L/minutes
  • Earthing protection
  • plastic body
  • Safety valve = 0.8Mpa
  • over heating protection




12 Liters

Geyser Type

Fast Electric Geyser

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