Haier Air Conditioner Price In Lahore - Updated AC Price In 2024

Haier Air Conditioners in Lahore, offered by Subhan Electronics, are known for their affordability and competitive pricing There are many options to choose from based on your budget and what you need. Whether you want a wall-mounted AC, ceiling cassette AC, floor-standing AC, portable AC, DC inverter AC, or split AC, Haier has models for different preferences.

Haier Ac price in Lahore are set to give you good value for your money. You can find ACs at different prices depending on their features, size, and how energy-efficient they are. Haier Air Conditioners in Lahore, including the Haier Air Conditioner price in Lahore, are made to be a good deal for customers.

Price Range Of Haier Air Conditioners 

The Haier AC price in Lahore fluctuates depending on the model's tonnage capacity and features. At Subhan Electronics, Haier ACs are priced between 112,900 and 305,000 Pakistani Rupees. It's important to keep in mind that Haier Air Conditioner price in Lahore can vary based on factors such as the specific features of the model. Additionally, prices may differ across different regions and retail outlets and You can also buy online Ac for added convenience.

Different types of  Air Conditioner

Haier Floor Standing Air Conditioner: These freestanding air conditioners from Haier are designed to be set on the ground. In areas where wall or ceiling installations are impractical, they are perfect. These air conditioners have strong cooling, numerous modes of operation, and fan speeds that may be modified for individual comfort.

Haier Portable Air Conditioner: Portable air conditioners from Haier are adaptable devices that are portable across rooms. They are easy to install and do not require permanent mounting. These air conditioners often include with built-in functions like timers and dehumidification, making them ideal for temporary cooling needs or rental properties.

Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioner: To achieve energy efficiency and accurate temperature management, Haier's DC inverter air conditioners employ cutting-edge technology. They reduce energy usage and provide constant comfort by varying the compressor speed in response to cooling demand. These air conditioners are more eco-friendly, quieter, and use less electricity.

Haier Split AC: The inside and outdoor components of a Haier split air conditioner are linked by refrigerant lines. They are adaptable and suitable for installation in different sized rooms. These air conditioners have remote control capabilities via Wi-Fi, configurable settings, and effective cooling. Their performance, dependability, and contemporary look have made them well-liked.

Haier Wall Mounted AC:Haier provides wall-mounted air conditioners that are compact, wall-mounted devices that provide efficient cooling. Smaller rooms and other environments with constrained floor space are ideal for them. These air conditioners often incorporate timer settings, energy-saving features, and quick cooling speeds.

Haier Ceiling Cassette AC: Haier air conditioners with ceiling cassettes are made for bigger spaces or companies. Because they are mounted in the ceiling, the room will have equal cooling and ventilation. These air conditioners are strong, economical to run, and are often include cutting-edge functions like airflow direction modification and remote control operation.

Buy online Air Conditioner

When you buy online AC from Subhan Electronics, you get the ease of shopping from a trusted retailer with a wide range of air conditioners available. You can get the ideal air conditioner for your needs at Subhan Electronics since it carries a variety of brands, including Haier. Online shopping also makes it hassle-free because it lets you compare costs, read reviews, and get doorstep delivery.

Why Choose Haier for Air Conditioners

Choosing Haier air conditioners is a good idea because they are reliable, save energy, have modern features, come in many types, and are affordable for Haier Air conditioner price in lahore. Haier's air conditioners last long and work well, using special technology to use less electricity. They have different models, smart controls, and Wi-Fi, all while being budget-friendly to suit different needs.

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