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Kenwood 1.5 ton 1866S eSmart Onyx Air Conditioner 2024 – Full DC Split Inverter AC – Wi-Fi Smart – Energy Efficiency up-to 75%

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The Kenwood KES 1866S eSmart Oynx Air Conditioner combines cutting-edge technology and a sleek Onyx design, offering both style and performance. With smart features, energy efficiency, and powerful cooling capabilities, it sets a high standard for modern home comfort. Buy for best price at Subhan Electronics. The Kenwood 1.5 ton 1866S is likely to offer efficient cooling, durability, and user-friendly features, making it a popular choice among consumers looking for reliable air conditioning solutions.

 229,900  275,000


Energy Efficient: The Kenwood 1.5 ton 1866S AC is great at saving energy, cutting down on electricity bills by up to 75%.
Stays Cool in Heat: With its T3 Full DC inverter, this AC keeps working well even when it’s super hot outside.
Saves Money: It has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 4.0, which means it cools your space well without using too much power, saving you money.
Remote Control: You can control this AC from your phone because it has Wi-Fi built-in, making it super convenient.
Powerful Cooling: The bigger indoor and outdoor units mean it can cool larger rooms effectively.
Stylish Design: It looks great with its mirror and black finish, adding a touch of style to your room.
Quick Cooling: Need a blast of cool air fast? Its flash cooling feature does just that.
Easy to Maintain: Cleaning is easy with i-Clean technology, keeping your AC running smoothly.
Handles Voltage Changes: It works well even if the voltage goes up or down, ensuring consistent cooling.
Works in Hot Weather: Even in scorching heat up to 60 degrees Celsius, this AC keeps you cool.
Customize Cooling: Choose from different cooling levels (50%, 75%, 100%) with the ampere locking system.
Durable Build: The golden fins and reliable PCB ensure it lasts long and works well.

These features make the Kenwood 1.5 ton 1866S AC a smart and efficient choice for keeping your home cool and comfortable.



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