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Kenwood 1.0 ton 1266S eSmart Oynx Air Conditioner – Energy Efficiency up to 75% AC – Reliable PCB – Updated 2024

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The Kenwood 1.0 ton 1266S eSmart Onyx Air Conditioner combines cutting-edge technology and a sleek Onyx design, offering both style and performance. With smart features, energy efficiency, and powerful cooling capabilities, it sets a high standard for modern home comfort. Buy online for best and latest price at Subhan Electronics. Stay cool with the Kenwood 1.0 ton 1266S eSmart Onyx Air Conditioner, designed for energy-efficient cooling. Its modern look and reliable features make it great for keeping your space comfortable.

  • Energy Efficiency up-to 75%
  • T3 Full DC inverter
  • High energy efficiency EER 4.0
  • Wi-Fi Function
  • Bigger Indoor and Outdoor unit
  • Mirror and black elegant indoor
  • Flash Cooling
  • i-Clean Technology
  • Wide working voltage(120-270V)
  • High ambient cooling up to 60℃
  • Ampere locking system (50% 75% 100% cooling)
  • Eco Friendly Gas R410
  • Golden fins both in indoor & outdoor unit
  • Reliable PCB
  • Please Note Expected Delivery  After 10th Of July

 165,000  190,000

Kenwood 1.0 Ton 1266S: Efficient and Advanced Cooling Solution

Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Achieve exceptional energy savings with the Kenwood 1.0 Ton 1266S air conditioner, boasting an impressive energy efficiency of up to 75%. This system significantly reduces energy consumption, helping you lower your electricity bills.

Cutting-Edge T3 Full DC Inverter

Experience cutting-edge technology with the T3 Full DC Inverter. This feature provides precise control and optimal performance for all your cooling needs, ensuring comfort and efficiency.

High Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

Benefit from an impressive Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 4.0. This high EER ensures maximum cooling output while minimizing energy usage, making the Kenwood 1266S an eco-friendly choice.

Convenient Wi-Fi Function

Take control of your cooling system from anywhere with the Wi-Fi functionality. This allows you to adjust settings and monitor performance remotely, providing convenience and flexibility.

Enhanced Cooling Capacity

Enjoy enhanced cooling capacity with larger indoor and outdoor units. These units ensure consistent comfort even in larger spaces, providing reliable cooling performance.

Stylish Design

Elevate your interior aesthetics with the sleek and stylish mirror and black indoor unit. This elegant design blends seamlessly with modern decor, adding a touch of sophistication to any room.

Rapid Flash Cooling

Experience rapid cooling with the Flash Cooling feature. This provides quick relief from heat during hot summer days, making your space comfortable in no time.

Advanced i-Clean Technology

Maintain clean and fresh air quality with i-Clean Technology. This feature prevents dust and pollutants from compromising your indoor air, ensuring a healthy environment.

Wide Working Voltage Range

Ensure stable operation across a wide voltage range, from 120V to 270V. The Kenwood 1266S accommodates fluctuations in power supply, providing reliable performance.

High Ambient Cooling Capability

Stay cool and comfortable even in extreme temperatures up to 60℃. The system’s high ambient cooling capabilities make it suitable for use in very hot climates.

Adjustable Ampere Locking System

Optimize energy usage with the adjustable Ampere locking system. This allows you to set cooling levels at 50%, 75%, or 100%, based on your needs.

Durable Golden Fins

Benefit from durable and corrosion-resistant golden fins in both indoor and outdoor units. These fins ensure long-term performance and reliability of your cooling system.

Reliable PCB

Count on a reliable Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for stable operation and protection against electrical faults. This ensures the longevity and consistent performance of your Kenwood 1.0 Ton 1266S air conditioner.



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