Kenwood 22257 Glass Door New Persona (10 CFT)

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  • SECOP (German technology super quiet compressor)
  • Vegetable tray with up to 10kg dry vegetable storage
  • Can operate at voltage as low as 170V without tripping
  • Easily removable/washable compressor drain tray
  • True capacity volume of refrigerator and freezer
  • Embossed PCM sheet for cabinets
  • Interior dual LED light
  • Anti-fungal detachable gasket
  • Up to 35% energy saving
  • R600a refrigerant gas

 78,000  85,000

1. Super Quiet Compressor by SECOP (German Technology)

  • Engineered with SECOP’s advanced German technology, a super quiet compressor ensures minimal noise during operation.

2. Spacious Vegetable Tray with 10kg Dry Vegetable Storage

  • Equipped with a vegetable tray capable of storing up to 10kg of dry vegetables, providing ample space for organized storage.

3. Low Voltage Operation Capability (down to 170V)

  • Designed to operate seamlessly even at voltages as low as 170V, preventing tripping and ensuring continuous functionality.

4. Removable and Washable Compressor Drain Tray

  • The compressor drain tray is easily removable and washable, simplifying maintenance and keeping the refrigerator clean and odor-free.

5. True Capacity Volume for Refrigerator and Freezer

  • The refrigerator and freezer compartments offer a true capacity volume, optimizing usable storage space for your convenience.

6. Enhanced Insulation with Embossed PCM Sheet

  • Cabinet insulation is improved with an embossed PCM sheet, enhancing temperature regulation and overall efficiency.

7. Interior Illumination with Dual LED Lights

  • Interior lighting is provided by dual LED lights, ensuring well-lit visibility inside the refrigerator for easy access to contents.

8. Detachable Gasket with Anti-fungal Properties

  • The gasket, which seals the door, is detachable and equipped with anti-fungal properties, preventing mold and bacterial growth for food safety.

9. Up to 35% Energy Savings

  • Designed for energy efficiency, this refrigerator offers up to 35% in energy savings, reducing both cost and environmental impact.

10. Environmentally Friendly R600a Refrigerant Gas

  • Utilizes R600a refrigerant gas known for its low environmental impact, contributing to sustainability efforts.


Refrigerator Type

Top Mount

Cooling Technology

Direct cool



Cubic Feet

10 CFT

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