Canon Electric Geyser Water Heater 50LY (Imported)


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Anti Overpressure Protection
Capacity: 50 Ltrs
Metal Body
Storage type
Adjustable Thermostat

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  1. Overheat Protection: Enhanced safety with overheat protection.
  2. Anti Over-pressure Protection: Increased safety measures with anti over-pressure protection.
  3. Additional Protection with ELCB: Further safety ensured through the inclusion of an ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker).
  4. Single Weld Line: Precision manufacturing featuring a single weld line.
  5. New Titanium Enamel Tank and Element: Advanced tank and heating element constructed with new titanium enamel material.
  6. Anti Dry-heating Protection: Prevents dry-heating with built-in protection.
  7. Anti Over-pressure Protection: Ensures safety by preventing excessive pressure build-up.
  8. Capacity: 50 Ltr: Generous 50-liter capacity for your needs.
  9. Rated Voltage: 220 V: Operates at a rated voltage of 220 V.
  10. Rated Power: 2000 W: Provides a rated power output of 2000 W.
  11. Current: 9.1 A: Draws a current of 9.1 A during operation.
  12. Frequency: 50Hz: Operates at a frequency of 50Hz.
  13. Metal Body: Sturdy construction with a metal body.
  14. Storage Type: Designed for convenient storage.
  15. Adjustable Thermostat: Allows for temperature customization.
  16. Temperature Indicator: Conveniently displays temperature information.
  17. Auto Thermal Cutoff Safety Device: Equipped with an automatic thermal cutoff safety feature.
  18. Safety Valve: Includes a safety valve for added protection.
  19. Water Proof Grade IPX4: Designed with a waterproof rating of IPX4.
  20. Product Size wd: 410543mm: Dimensions of the product measure 410*543mm.
  21. Packing Size wdh: 460460565mm: Packaging dimensions are 460460565mm.
  22. Gross Weight: 16.50KG: The total weight, including packaging, is 16.50KG.
  23. Net Weight: 15.00KG: The net weight of the product is 15.00KG.

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