Growatt SPH 6000TL BL-UP Hybrid Residential Storage Inverter

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The Growatt SPH 6000TL BL-UP Hybrid Inverter offers efficient energy management with both grid-tied and off-grid capabilities. It ensures optimal solar power utilization and reliable backup during outages.


  • UPS function, 10ms transition
  • Smart Load Management Via Dry Contact
  • Scalable System Configuration
  • VPP Interface Ready
  • Remort Smart O&M
  • 2 DC/AC Ratio

Input Data (PV)

Max. recommended PV power (for module STC) 10600W
Max. DC voltage 550V
Start voltage 120V
MPP voltage range 120V-550V/370V
No. of MPP trackers 2
No. of PV strings per MPP tracker 1
Max. input current per MPP tracker 13.5A
Max. short-circuit current per MPP tracker 16.9A

Output Data (AC)

AC nominal power 6000W
Rated AC apparent power 6000VA
Nominal AC voltage (range*) 230V/ (180Vac~260Vac)
AC grid frequency(range*) 50/60 Hz (45-55Hz/55-65 Hz)
Rated output current 27A
Adjustable power factor 0.8leading…0.8lagging
THDi <3%
AC grid connection type Single phase

Battery Data (DC)

Battery voltage range 42~59V
Max charging and discharging current 85A
Continuous charging and discharging power 4000W
Type of battery lithium/lead-acid

Backup Power (AC)

Max. AC output power 4000W
Rated output current 17.5A
Nominal AC output voltage 230Vac
Nominal AC output frequency 50/60HZ
THDv <3%
Switch time <10ms


MAX. efficiency 97.6%
European efficiency 97.20%
MPPT efficiency 99.9%

Protection devices

DC switch Yes
DC reverse polarity protection Yes
AC/DC surge protection Type II
AC short-circuit protection Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes
Grid monitoring Yes
Anti-islanding protection Yes
Residual-current monitoring unit Yes
Insulation resistance monitoring Yes

General data

Dimensions (W / H / D) 565/453/188mm
Weight 27kg
Operating temperature range –25 °C … +60 °C
Nighttime power consumption <13W
Topology Transformerless
Cooling Natural
Protection degree IP65
Relative humidity 0~100%
Altitude 2000m
DC connection H4 / MC4 (Optional )
AC connection Connector
Display LCD+LED
Interfaces: RS485/CAN/USB Yes
Monitor : RF/WIFI/GPRS Optional
Warranty: 5 years / 10 years Yes / Optional

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Growatt SPH 6000TL BL-UP Hybrid Inverter




4100W ~ 10000W

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