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DW 8550 CB FL Dawlance Double Semi Automatic Washing Machine

  • Extended Capacity for a Normal Sized Household
  • Deep Water fall Technology
  • Shower Rinse
  • Wide Impeller
  • Warranty: 1 Years Parts + 10 years Motor Warranty

Deep waterfall wash makes it easy for you to get rid of tough stains with a single wash.

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Extended Capacity for Efficient Household Washing

Embrace the convenience of an extended capacity washing machine, tailor-made for the needs of a normal-sized household. This innovative appliance brings forth a seamless washing experience, ensuring that your laundry is efficiently handled in a single load.

Revolutionary Deep Waterfall Technology

Experience a paradigm shift in stain removal with the groundbreaking deep waterfall technology. Tackling tough stains has never been easier – the deep waterfall wash effortlessly penetrates fabrics, delivering a thorough cleanse with each cycle.

Shower Rinse for Enhanced Cleaning Precision

Go beyond conventional cleaning methods with the integrated shower rinse feature. Enjoy the benefits of water cascading like a gentle shower, contributing to an elevated cleaning experience that leaves your garments refreshed and revitalized.

Wide Impeller for Uniform Washing Performance

The wide impeller integrated into the system takes washing performance to new heights. Ensuring a consistent and uniform distribution of water, this technology guarantees that every item in the drum receives the same level of attention and care, regardless of its position.

Warranty Assurance: 1 Year Parts + 10 Years Motor

Rest easy knowing your investment is protected by a robust warranty. The 1-year parts and impressive 10-year motor warranty underscore the reliability and durability of this washing machine. The passive voice construction emphasizes the long-lasting and sturdy nature of the machine’s essential components, providing added peace of mind.

In summary, this washing machine, equipped with extended capacity, deep waterfall technology, shower rinse, wide impeller, and a comprehensive warranty, stands as a pinnacle of modern laundry appliances. It promises unparalleled performance and convenience, making it an ideal choice for the discerning household.




DW 7500 C

Washing Type

Twin Tub

Washing Machine Type

Semi Automatic

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