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Welcome to Subhan Electronics, where our selection of washing machines combines affordable prices with state-of-the-art technology. Come along as we explore Pakistan's top washing machine choices and costs, Emphasizing Lahore. Find out why Subhan Electronics is the preferred option for individuals looking for the Best washing machine price in Pakistan with excellent performance at an affordable price.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price Lahore 

We are presenting the Lahore Luxe Collection, which combines elegance and automation. Our automated washing machines are made for Lahoris who need ease without sacrificing quality. Take advantage of cutting-edge technologies and hands-free laundry at an affordable price.

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With our Online Collection, discover the laundry of the future. Best washing machine price in Pakistan from the convenience of your home, peruse and purchase the best washing machine in Lahore. Our easy-to-use online store guarantees a flawless purchasing experience and delivers top-notch appliances right to your door. Take advantage of our seamless online shopping experience to change how you do laundry. Look at our large selection, evaluate costs, and buy a washing machine in Lahore securely online. Right to your home, Subhan Electronics guarantees hassle-free delivery.

Types Of Washing Machine Available At Subhan Electronics

Top Load Washing Machine

Top load washers have vertical drums that enable loading and unloading laundry from above. For those looking for convenience, top-load washers are a popular option because of their reputation for simplicity of operation and generally faster washing cycles.

Front Load Washing Machine

Clothes are loaded into a front-loading washing machine through a door that faces the front of the machine, with the drum arranged horizontally. Larger loads can be accommodated by front load machines, which are renowned for their energy efficiency and great cleaning performance.

Single-tub Washing Machine

Washing and spinning operations are combined into one tub with a single-tub washing machine. These machines are simple, effective, and ideally suited for small spaces, so anyone looking for a simplified laundry experience can use them.

Twin-Tub Washing Machine

Twin tub washing machines have distinct sections for spinning and washing, so customers can wash a load at the same time as the previous one is drying off. Laundry procedures are made flexible and time-efficient with this design.


A portable, little device called a spinner is made especially for drying or spinning clothing after they are washed. Spinners effectively remove extra water from clothing, hastening the drying process, and are frequently used in conjunction with single-tub machines.

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You can choose from a carefully chosen collection of the Best washing machine price in Pakistan from Subhan Electronics that combine affordability, innovation, and convenience. We're redefining washing with our Essentials Series, Lahore. Select Subhan Electronics for unrivaled performance and outstanding quality.


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