Trion UPS Inverter Connect 1200 (1000 Watt)

.Power Capacity: The Trion UPS Connect 1200 has a power capacity of 1000 Watts, making it suitable for providing backup power to a variety of devices. Input Voltage: The UPS operates with an input voltage range of 100-240VAC, allowing it to be used in various regions without the need for a voltage converter. Output Voltage: The output voltage of the UPS is 120VAC, providing a stable power supply to connected devices.  Battery Backup: The UPS is equipped with a built-in battery that provides backup power during power outages or fluctuations. The battery capacity allows for extended runtime, depending on the connected load.  Surge Protection: The Trion UPS Connect 1200 offers surge protection to safeguard connected devices against power surges and voltage spikes, ensuring their longevity and reliability.

 37,000  41,000

  • Features:

  • Brand Warranty.
  • Model Premium Plus 1800 Solar.
  • Automatic line-to-battery switchover.
  • Selectable input voltage ranges.
  • Rack Tower design for flexible placement.
  • Built-in enhanced charger.
  • High efficient DC-to-AC conversion, minimizing energy loss.
  • Intelligent 3-stage charger control for efficient charging.
  • Provide discharge, overcharge, over-temperature, overload.
  • and short-current protection.
  • Auto restart while AC recovery.
  • 0/10/15/20/25 charger current selectable for PREMIUM.
  • PLUS 1200.
  • 0/5/10/15/20 charger current selectable for PREMIUM.
  • PLUS 2000.
  • User friendly LCD-LED indications.
  • Different shut down battery voltage according to different.
  • load level.
  • Charger temperature compensation.
  • For 8 Fans 10 (20w) Energy Savers or LED TV.


Electronics Type

UPS Inverter

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